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The Wildlife Society, founded in 1937, is an international non-profit scientific and educational association dedicated to excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education. Our mission is to enhance the ability of wildlife professionals to conserve diversity, sustain productivity, and ensure responsible use of wildlife resources for the benefit of society. The Wildlife Society encourages professional growth through certification peer-review Publications, and Conferences.
Society members are dedicated to sustainable management of wildlife resources and their habitats. Ecology is the primary scientific discipline of the wildlife profession, therefore, the interests of the Society embrace the interactions of all organisms with their natural environments. The Society recognizes that humans, as other organisms, have a total dependency upon the environment. It is the Society's belief also that wildlife, in its myriad forms, is basic to the maintenance of a human culture that provides quality living.

TWS-HI Chapter Bylaws

2012 Board Members

Mike Lohr
President/Chapter Representative
udbirder at gmail.com

Rachel Sprague
rachel.s.sprague at gmail.com

David G. Smith
kawika.smith at earthlink.net

Jean Fantle-Lepczyk
fantle at hawaii.edu

Ed Johnson
Conservation Officer
edjohnson908 at gmail.com

Alisa Davis
Membership Coordinator
alisa.davis.314 at gmail.com
Brenda Becker
brendaleebecker at gmail.com

Chris Lepczyk
lepczyk at hawaii.edu

Cheryl Lohr
cheryl.lohr at gmail.com

Barry Stieglitz
wolfwarden at aol.com

Lance Tanino
lance.tanino at gmail.com

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Who We Are
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