Planning Committee Roster

Photo by Don Yasuda

Photo by Don Yasuda

Thank you to our 2018 Annual Meeting Planning Committee Members


Meeting Chair/President-Elect TWS-WS Jeff Davis
President – TWS-WS Rocky Gutiérrez
Professional Development Events & Pre-Conference Symposia Jessica Martini-Lamb
Program Director Cynthia Perrine
Meeting Planner Candace Renger
Audio Visual Captains Don Yasuda, Chair

Keelan Dann
John McNerney
Chad Moura
Sam Sosa

Banquet Awards Ceremony Rich Burg, Chair

R. J. Gutiérrez
Cynthia Perrine

Banquet Program Jeff Davis
Breakfast Roundtable Lisa Fields, Chair

Wendy Loeffler

Career Fair Chair Karen Swaim
Concurrent Session Chairs

Bat Mitigation, Dave Johnston
Communicating Science to Diverse Audiences, Katie Smith
Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles I, Jeff Alvarez
Ecology and Conservation of Mammals I, Ben Becker
Ecology and Conservation of Birds I, Colleen Wisinski
Public Policy and Wildlife Management, Pamela Flick and Ben Solvesky 
Ecology and Conservation of Mammals II, Esther Burkett
Ecology and Conservation of Birds II, Rick Williams
Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles II, David Cook
Ecology and Conservation of Mammals III, John Perrine
Wildlife Techniques and Technologies, Natasha Dvorak
Wildlife Health and Disease Ecology, Rhys Evans
Ecology and Conservation of Mammals IV, Randi Logsdon
Ecology and Conservation of Birds III, Linda Leeman
Genetic Techniques in Wildlife Research and Management, Michael Buchalski
Endangered Species Recovery, Rachel Mazur
Urban Wildlife Management, John McNerney
Wildlife and Climate Change, Chrissy Howell

Exhibit Hall Chair Callie Amoaku
Job Interview Panel David Wyatt, Chair

Patricia Krueger
Liisa Schmoele
Alex Lewis

Keynote Speech Coordinator Cynthia Perrine
Local Arrangements Chair  Jessica Martini-Lamb
Onsite Registration Cari Shaw
Photo Collection Submissions and Slideshow Eveline Larrucea
Photographer Janine Payne
Plenary Session Jeff Davis
Poster Session Co-Chairs Carlos Alvarado
Allison Fuller
Printed Program Compililation Natasha Dvorak
Printed Program Editing Debra Hawk
John Perrine
Rick Williams
Raffle and Silent Auction Sandra Hunt-von Arb, Chair

Randi McCormick

Restoration Field Day Candace Messner
Resume Workshops Kristina Hunt
Resume Critiques Kristina Hunt
Alex Lewis
Liisa Schmoele
Student Affairs and Diversity Committee Events Katie Smith, Chair

Aviva Rossi

Student Career Symposium Liisa Schmoele, Chair

Colleen Wisinski
Jordan Lara
Alex Lewis

Student Graduate Project Interest Elevator Speech Prep Katie Smith, Chair

Alex Lewis

Student Judging Coordinators Karen Converse
Brian Barton
Student Poster Session for Emerging Researchers Cynthia Perrine, Chair

Kelley Stewart
John Perrine
Liisa Schmoele
Dan Barton

Student-Professional Mixer Breakfast Colleen Wisinski, Chair

Liisa Schmoele
Jordan Lara

Volunteer Coordination Ryan Baumbusch, Chair

Patrick Tweedy