Ride & Room Share Interest List

Ride & Room Share Interest List

You can save money by sharing a hotel room at the Tenaya Lodge and/or by carpooling to the Annual Meeting!  Let other attendees know that you would like to share by posting a comment to this page. Be sure to include your name, contact information (phone number or email address), travel dates and what you are hoping to share in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below . 

Once you’ve found a roommate/carpool and no longer need your post, please email candace.renger@gmail.com so I can remove your comment.  Note, there will be a slight delay before your comments are displayed as they are first sent to our moderator for approval.


21 comments on “Ride & Room Share Interest List
  1. Tammy Lim says:

    I have a reservation for Weds and Thursday nights (Feb 6-7) that I can give up. It’s for 2 queen beds at Tenaya Lodge at the group rate. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to take the reservation. tlim@ebparks.org

  2. Jeff Lincer says:

    I have reservations at the Tenaya Lodge for the evenings of Feb. 3-7 and would be interested in sharing the room and expenses for that period.

  3. Dane St George says:

    Anyone driving from the Santa Barbara – Ventura area and looking to carpool? I could drive or pay for gas with you. Looking to leave Monday (2/4) morning and returning Friday. Let me know at das984@humboldt.edu

  4. Rick Williams says:

    Looking for a ride to the conference from Sacramento area on Tuesday 2/5. Just one-way as I already have a ride home. I’ll gladly pay for gas. You can email me at: rw24@sbcglobal.net

  5. Angela Rex says:

    I am staying at the Narrow Gauge Inn. I would like to carpool with a friend to the event, but she is staying at Tanya Lodge, and I am worried about how to get between the 2 hotels if I don’t have my own vehicle. Is there anyone staying at Narrow Gauge who would be willing to let me catch a ride each day?

    • Dan Brumbaugh says:

      Hi Angela,
      I’m also staying at the Narrow Gauge Inn and could give you rides. I’ve paid for the conference breakfasts so will be going in early enough for those.

    • Dan Brumbaugh says:

      (with apologies to the moderator, for not originally including my schedule and contact info!)

      I’ll arrive at the Narrow Gauge sometime on Tues, 2/5. Feel free to directly email me at dan “at” elkhornslough.org to make any advance arrangements.

  6. Lia says:

    Looking to share a room at lodge, mon-thurs. I can bring camping mat and sleeping bag too if you have floor space. Environmental consultant. Theproscience at gmail

    • Lia Webb says:

      Also looking for a ride from Sacramento preferably on Monday morning to make it to conference for afternoon, but I could go anytime with a bit of notice. Friday I’m looking for a ride either to Fresno airport or back to Sacramento. Please email me if you have any space for travel: theproscience at gmail.com

  7. Brad Smith says:

    I am looking to catch a ride to from the Fresno airport to the conference on Tuesday, Feb 5. I will be flying in just before 11am, and hope to get to Tenaya in time to attend some of the events that afternoon. Happy to pay for gas or buy lunch. I can be contacted at gbsmith3@wisc.edu

  8. Nicole Carpenter says:

    I am looking to carpool from the Sacramento area to the meeting. I have my room booked already and would like to arrive anytime on Tuesday and return anytime on Friday. If you have room in your car on these dates please let me know. My email is nmcarpenter@usfca.edu.

  9. Bridgett Downs says:

    Texas A&M PhD student looking for someone to carpool with to and from Fresno Airport. I land Wednesday at noon and fly out Friday at 4 pm. bdowns@tamu.edu

  10. Julie Remp says:

    Looking for a room to share Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, preferably at the Lodge. I am a professional environmental consultant working in Colorado. Please let me know if you have anything or would like to coordinate a room together. Email: julieremp@gmail.com

  11. Laura Hancock says:

    I’m looking to carpool with someone from any close-ish airport (Fresno, Sacramento, Reno) to the conference. I don’t have my flights yet and am extremely flexible about location and timing. I would prefer to travel to the conference on Monday or early Tuesday and back on Saturday, but could do anytime Tuesday and leave Friday if needed. Please let me know if this would work with your schedule so I can start looking at buying an airplane ticket. Happy to pay for some/most of the gas! My e-mail is lhancock@umass.edu

  12. I’m a postdoc at UC Davis looking for a room to share Tue/Wed – Thur. I’ll be driving up from Santa Cruz and I’m interested in carpooling. Contact me at joaaelst@gmail.com, personal website: http://www.stewartecology.org

  13. Brook Constantz says:

    I’m a junior biologist with GEI Consultants attending the meeting. I’m looking for a ride share from Sacramento to the meeting on Tuesday and a ride back on Friday. I’m also looking for a room share (Tuesday-Thursday), please email me if you are interested bconstantz@geiconsultants.com. My first name is ambiguous but I am a male.

  14. Hanna Baek says:

    I’m a Master’s Student from San Francisco State University and I study diseases in hummingbirds. I will be attending the TWS meeting in February 2019. I’ve booked a room with 2 queen beds in Tenaya Lodge for Tuesday and Wednesday nights and I was wondering if there’s anyone interested in sharing with me? I’m clean and pretty flexible in terms of light and noise so I’d be easy to room with. If you’re interested in sharing with me, please email me at hbaek@mail.sfsu.edu. Thank you!

  15. David Wright says:

    Driving down from and back to Sacramento, exact timing TBD as of now (Nov 15). One comfy carpool seat available, 4WD truck. Two more rather uncomfortable back seats for the desperate. Comfy rider please share gas; back seaters free.

    • Lia says:

      Any update on timing of drive? I’m thinking of flying into sac. Email me at theproscience at gmail.

    • David Wright says:

      I didn’t realize this board would not email me when replies came in, sorry about that. My email is dwrighteco, the at symbol, then protonmail dot com
      Still planning to drive down from Sacramento very early Wed, return Fri

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