California Rare Bumble Bee Workshop

Photos by R. Hatfield

California Rare Bumble Bees, May 4, 2021

Description: At least four bumble bee species in California are threatened with extinction: the western bumble bee, Franklin’s bumble bee, Crotch’s bumble bee, and the Suckley cuckoo bumble bee. Although they have not yet been added to the California Endangered Species Act, they remain Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) in California’s State Wildlife Action Plan. In 2021, the Xerces Society and the California Department of Fish and Game will be launching the California Bumble Bee Atlas targeted toward the conservation needs of these four species.

This workshop will address the ecology of bumble bees, including their conservation status and the threats they face. Also included will be best management practices for bumble bees as well as a process to improve these recommendations for California. Finally, the workshop will cover identification tips for California bumble bees, known ranges of imperiled species, and survey methods to detect their presence. 

Instructor: Rich Hatfield, The Xerces Society.

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