2021 Planning Committee Roster

Thank you to our 2021 Annual Meeting Planning Committee Team

Let us know if you’d like to join us – we’re always looking for new team members!

Photo by Eveline Larrucea, from the 2020 Annual Meeting Widlife Photo Slideshow

Meeting Chair/President-Elect TWS-WS
Plenary Presentation Chair; Contributed Paper Sessions

Dan Airola
President TWS-WS; Membership Forum Kelly Holland
Professional Development Committee TWS-WS Janine Payne
Program Director Cynthia Perrine
Meeting Planner & Project Manager Candace Renger
Audio Visual Tech Team Sam Sosa
Don Yasuda
Ivan Parr
Awards Ceremony Rich Burg
Birds of a Feather Sessions Team Janine Payne
Breakfast Roundtables Lisa Fields (Chair)
Shay Zanetti
Wendy Loeffler
Kelly Holland
Kristen Burgess
Career Fair Recruitment Open
Chapter Leaders Meeting Chair Open
Diversity Forum & Team

Bayan Ahmed (Chair)
Junko Hoshi
Trisha Velazquez
Melinda Mohamed
Elizabeth Meisman

Keynote Presentation Kelley Stewart
Meeting Registration Open
Photographer Janine Payne
Poster Session Allison Fuller
Carlos Alvarado
Program Booklet Debra Hawk
Rick Williams
Retirees Meeting Mike Chapel
Silent Auction Susanne Marczak (Chair)
John McNerney
Colleen Wisinski
Patti Krueger
Junko Hoshi
Social Engagement Team


Kristin Burgess

Sponsorship Program & Virtual Exhibit Hall

Callie Amoaku
Summer Pardo

Student Affairs/Student-Professional Mixer & Mentoring Program


Katie Smith (Chair)
David “Doc Quack” Riensche
Junko Hoshi
Trisha Velasquez
Colleen Wisinski

Student Judging Program Brian Barton
Elizabeth Meisman
Trivia & Quiz Bowl Rhys Evans
Virtual Lobby Team Open
Volunteer Program Kristin Burgess
Carolyn Buesch
Wildlife Kids Activites Team Open
Luma Fowler
Wildlife Slideshow Eveline Larrucea
W.O.W. Mixer – Deer 139 Film Discussion Team Open
Committee Team Matthew Bettelheim
Michael Carbiener
Kelly Bartron
Sunday Workshop Leaders  
Breaking Through Career Barriers Trisha Velasquez
Federal Job Application Workshop Rhys Evans
How “Not” to Give a Scientific Presentation Jon Hooper
Job Interview Panel Dave Wyatt
Patricia Krueger
Publishing and Peer-Reviewing Scholarly Papers Rocky Gutierrez
Resume Workshops & Review Kristina Hunt
Tips & Tricks for First Time Meeting Attendees Elizabeth Meisman
Wildlife Career Panel Colleen Wisinski
Summer Pardo
Zoom 101 Ivan Parr