About Us

Who are we?
We are a professional organization of wildlife biologists and other resource professionals who work to conserve biodiversity, sustain ecological productivity, and ensure responsible use of wildlife resources for the benefit of society.

What geographic area do we represent?
Our chapter serves members in 23 counties throughout the Sacramento Valley and the interior mountainous region of northern California.

What do we do?
Our profession is a rewarding yet challenging one. We work for government agencies, private companies and non-profit organizations. We work as research scientists, resource managers, policy makers and educators. We work in the field, on the computer and through meetings on a myriad of wildlife issues facing one of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet. Although we are not always on the same side on an issue, we are generally united by our commitment to the resource and a love of the outdoors.

What is our region like?
Our region contains a staggering range of ecosystems including valley floor wetlands, oak woodlands, a diversity of montane forest types, high altitude alpine systems and great basin sagebrush scrub, to name just a few. Collectively, these areas support many hundreds of wildlife species from Swainson’s Hawk to Pacific Fisher to Pronghorn Antelope.

What are our main challenges?
With some trepidation, we know that California will likely experience monumental ecological changes over the next century. The people of the State will have to decide how to balance conservation of a remarkable biodiversity with social factors such as rapid population growth, sustained economic prosperity, climate change and an ever increasing demand for water. It will be the role of our profession to provide the best scientific expertise possible to help Californians intelligently tackle this challenge.

What does our Chapter do?
We provide professional and community education about wildlife, support students of the wildlife sciences with academic and travel scholarships, and provide community outreach to local causes such as Creek Week and Nature Bowl. Please navigate around our site to learn more!

We are a Chapter of The Wildlife Society, the national organization. We are within the geographical area of Western Section The Wildlife Society, Western Section. The University of California, Davis Chapter is within our Chapter’s boundaries.


Bylaws: PDF (36K)

Chapter Boundaries: JPG (36K)

Chapter Dues:
Our Chapter dues have been $10 since January 2009. The revenue generated helps pay for the following services:

  • Keeping workshops affordable
  • Offering more scholarships
  • Maintaining the website
  • Supporting local environmental and wildlife events
  • Offering social events!