Contact Us

Contact Us

You can reach the Western Section a number of different ways:

  • Email:
  • Linktree:  (See our Social Media Accounts!)
  • Join the TWS-WS Email List:  Link to Sign Up*   (If you are already a TWS-WS member, then you are already on the mailing list.)

Written correspondence may be sent to the following address:

TWS – Western Section
PO Box 6756
Albany, CA 94706


Position Name Email
President Katie Smith President<at>tws-west<dot>org
Past-President Dan Airola PastPresident<at>tws-west<dot>org
President-Elect Randi McCormick PresidentElect<at>tws-west<dot>org
Section Representative Kelley Stewart SectionRep>at>tws-west<dot>org
Treasurer John McNerney Treasurer<at>tws-west<dot>org
Secretary Melinda Dorin Bradbury Secretary<at>tws-west<dot>org

Chapter Representatives

Chapter Name Email
CA Central Coast David Kisner tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
California North Coast Elizabeth Meisman tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Hawaii Angela Amlin tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Nevada Kevin Shoemaker tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Sacramento-Shasta Erica Rhyne-Christensen tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
San Francisco Bay Area Kathleen Grady tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
San Joaquin Valley Randi McCormick tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Southern California Colleen Wisinski tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Cal Poly Student Chapter Tyler Gianni tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
UC Davis Student Chapter Chloe Schaecher tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Humboldt State Student Chapter Jessica Hernandez tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
University of NV – Reno Student Chapter Molly Farro tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
UC Santa Barbara Student Chapter Jenna Stuck tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
San Francisco State Student Chapter   tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org


Committee Name Email
Awards and Grants Richard Burg tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Conservation Affairs Committee co-chairs Kelly Holland tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Membership Sam Sosa tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Communication Content Editor Susanne Marczak tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Diversity Committee Bayan Ahmed tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Professional Development Janine Payne tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Student Affairs Committee co-chairs Katie Rock & Shannon Lemieux tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Western Wildlife Howard Clark tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org
Historian Don Yasuda tws-west<at>tws-west<dot>org

Other Great People

Position Name Email
Workshop Coordinator Ivan Parr workshops<at>tws-west<dot>org
Webmaster Eric Renger webmaster<at>tws-west<dot>org
Project Manager Candace Renger projectmanager<at>tws-west<dot>org
Accountant Michael Chapel mchapel9434<at>gmail<dot>com