Policies, Statements, and Resolutions

The Western Section of The Wildlife Society speaks on current conservation and wildlife issues on behalf of its members: wildlife and conservation biology professionals, professionals who are currently working in all areas of professional wildlife science and management.

The Western Section of The Wildlife Society is part of the Conservation Affairs Network and work on formulating resolutions, statements and policies of the Section and disseminating this information to the public. The Chair of the Conservation Affairs Committee, drafts these documents with the help of committee members and submits them for analysis and approval by the Section’s Executive Board. If you are interested in assisting with Conservation Affairs, please contact the the Committee Chair (Conservation<at>tws-west<dot>org).

Here are the Policies and Statements formulated by the Conservation Affairs Committee, followed by Resolutions of the Section. These documents can be read in their entirety by clicking on their titles. Copies of older resolutions, policies and statements are available by request.
For copies of older documents, contact the TWS-WS Secretary (secretary<at>tws-west<dot>org)

Policies, Statements and Press Releases

Resolution on Transparency (PDF, 138 Kb) 10 October 2018
Statement of Support for the 2017 March for Science
The Western Section of The Wildlife Society is a science-based professional society composed of wildlife managers, administrators, researchers, and students. For 64 years our Section has been supporting the aspirations and professional development of wildlife professionals involved with the conservation of wildlife resources in California, Guam, Hawaii, and Nevada. In addition, we believe strongly that engaging and educating the public is core to the public’s willingness to accept the science-based recommendations we make about wildlife conservation. Therefore, we believe that both the motives and ideals expressed by the March for Science organization mesh precisely with those we have long held. Therefore, our membership has voted overwhelmingly to support the March for Science and its goals.
19 April 2017
The Western Section of The Wildlife Society Comments on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Changes to the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment (PDF 125 Kb) 12 September 2003
The Western Section of The Wildlife Society Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Land and Resource Management Plan for the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument (PDF, 51 Kb) 17 June 2003
Conservation Affairs and Public Information Committees Development of Policy, Resolution, and Issue Statements by the Western Section: Background and Proposed Guidelines, by Kevin Hunting, CAC Chairperson and Rhys Evans, PIC Chairperson (PDF, 29 Kb) 9 December 2002
To: Mr. Brian Amme, Project Manager, Bureau of Land Management
Re: The Western Section of The Wildlife Society Comments on the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Vegetation Treatments Programmatic EIS for the Western United States
(PDF, 34 Kb)
2 May 2002
To: The Honorable Joseph Canciamilla, Chair
Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife
Re: The Western Section of The Wildlife Society Comments on AB 2290 adding Section 21084.1.1 to the Public Resources Code
(PDF, 26 Kb)
2 May 2002
To: The Honorable Joseph Canciamilla, Chair
Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife
Re: The Western Section of The Wildlife Society Comments on SB 550 relating to the repeal and addition of Section 2087 of the Fish and Game Code.
(PDF, 31 Kb)
26 March 2002
To: Robert Hight, Director, California Department of Fish and Game
Re: A population of the southern (banded) watersnake (Nerodia fasciata) in Folsom, California
(PDF, 39 Kb)
9 July 2001
To: Mr. Robert Smith, Planning Director, Merced County, UC Merced Project Office
Re: Comment on the Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the University Community and Area Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
(PDF, 63 Kb)
16 March, 2001
To: Bradley E. Powell, USDA Forest Service-CAET
Re: Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Environmental Impact Statement
(PDF, 79 Kb)
10 August, 2000
Press Release:
Biologists Comment on Sierra Nevada Forest Plan(PDF, 26 Kb)
To: Wayne White, Field Supervisor, Division of Endangered Species, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Re: Red-legged Frog Recovery Plan
(PDF, 57 Kb)
10 August 2000
Press Release:
Biologists Comment on Frog Recovery Plan (PDF, 26 Kb)
To: Richard Atkinson, President, University of California
Re: Preservation of Vernal Pools at the Proposed University of California, Merced
(PDF, 29 Kb)
19 May 2000
To: Michael Spear at the US Fish and Wildlife Service
Re: Lack of USFWS representation at Western Section meetings.
(PDF, 25 Kb)
3 May 2000
To: Robert Hight, Director, California Department of Fish and Game
Re: Reduced Cost of Access to Natural Diversity Data Base (NDDB) and the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR) data base
(PDF, 26 Kb)
23 March 2000
To: State of California Fish and Game Commission
Re: Ferret Ownership
(PDF, 24 Kb)
1 February 2000
To: LaVerne Smith, Chief, Division of Endangered Species, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Re: Giant Garter Snake Recovery Plan
(PDF, 54 Kb)
13 October 1999
Livestock Foraging Effects on Wildlife on Rangelands in the Great Basin September 29, 1995
Management for Forest Health February 1, 1995
To Senator McCorquodale regarding proposed budget cuts for the California Department of Fish and Game August 5, 1990
Subsurface Agricultural Drainwater October 14, 1989
To Board of Forestry (CA) enclosing copy of TWS policy on “Management and conservation of old-growth forests in the U.S.” and requesting adoption of policies and regulations September 20, 1988
Endorsement of the California Wildlife, Coastal and Parks Land Conservation Act of 1988 September 8, 1987
Policy Statement presented to the California Water Resources District Board during Phase I of the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary Hearing October 28, 1987
To the Honorable George Deukmejian encouraging the selection of a professional to head the California Department of Fish and Game June 20, 1987
To Keith L. Lee, Board of Wildlife Commissioners (NV) regarding notification of the public of introductions of wildlife April 30, 1987
To the Board of Wildlife Commissioners (NV) regarding the introduction of wild sheep in rangelands used by domestic sheep December 13, 1985
Guidelines for public statements July 8, 1972


Western Section Resolutions

Licensure of professional wildlife biologists in California April 6, 1991
Licensing of wildlife biologists February 23, 1990
Design and use of leghold traps on wildlife February 23, 1990
The California Wildlife Protection Initiative of 1990 February 23, 1990
Displacement of sensitive species by alien red fox February 22, 1990
Concerning grazing of domestic livestock on mountain sheep ranges July 8, 1989
Concerning the Private Lands Wildlife Management Program (PLWMP) of the State of California July 9, 1988
Mountain lion management in California January 24, 1985


Operations Manual

The individual sections of the Operations Manual are available for downloading in Rich Text Format (RTF) format:


    1.1 President
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    1.3 Past President
    1.4 Secretary
    1.5 Treasurer
    1.6 Chapter Representative
    1.7 Section Representative
    1.8 Newsletter Editor
    1.9 Transactions Editor
    1.10 Assistant Treasurer
    1.11 Executive Secretary


    2.1 Committees Under Review
    2.2 Nominating and Elections Committee
    2.3 Awards Committee
    2.4 Resolutions and Public Statements Committee
    2.5 Professional Development Committee
    2.6 Certification Subcommittee
    2.7 Golden Wildlife Subcommittee
    2.8 Personnel Committee
    2.9 Annual Conference Site Selection Committee
    2.10 Electronic Communications Committee


    3.1 Annual Conference
    3.2 Financial Guidelines
    3.3 Historian
    3.4 Organizational Goals


    4.1 Contributions Policy
    4.2 Travel Expense Policy
    4.3 Affiliations Policy and Guidelines
    4.4 Scholarship Policy
    4.5 Grant Policy
    4.6 Harassment Prevention Policy
    4.7 Member Data Protection Policy


    5.1 Resolutions
    5.2 Position Statements or Policy Statements


    6.1 Bylaws of The Wildlife Society
    6.2 Bylaws of the Western Section
    6.3 Western Section Chapter Bylaws


    7.1 Annual Record of Volunteer Hours
    7.2 Section and Chapter Report Form