Hosted by Ivan Parr (Western Section Workshops Coordinator) and Elizabeth Meisman (North Coast TWS Chapter Rep and Co-Chair of Western Section Student Affairs)

  • March 2021 – Get to know the Western Section Presidents (Interview with Dan Airola and Kelly Holland)Just before the conference, we interviewed then-President Kelly Holland and President-elect (now President) Dan Airola. The podcast will talk about the Kelly’s tenure during the difficult year of 2020 and what now-president Dan envisions for 2021. The Western Section Presidency involves a three-year service, with each President also serving as President-Elect and Past President.  Link to Presidents Podcast


  • January 2021 – Meet the 2021 President-Elect Candidates – 2021 President-Elect candidates for the Western Section of The Wildlife Society, Randi McCormick and Katie Smith, were interviewed for an episode of our new Western Section Podcast (hosted by Ivan Parr, Workshop Coordinator). Link to Elections Podcast