2021/2022 The Belonging Fund

2021/2022 Professional Development “Belonging” Fund for Members

November 30, 2021 to February 28,2022

Goal: $10,000 by 12/31/21, AND $25,000 by campaign close estimated to be 2/28/2022

Suggested Individual Contribution: $49+, $100+ (life members), $500+ (gift)

Supports:  Current Members’ professional development, cross-disciplinary exposure, and career achievements. Application required, multiple grants awarded annually, up to $500/member/year. As funding allows, applicants could receive up to half of the actual costs to attend a professional development training, meeting, certification program, or fees for professional association member dues (limited to one membership/event annually).  Submitted via google form.

Fund Managed by: Executive Committee of the Board.  Grant Award Matrix is developed in cooperation with the Executive Board, based on the Western Section mission.