Advanced Acoustics Master Class

Advanced Acoustics Master Class, January 14-15, 2021: This Expert Series virtual workshop will guide participants in improving their acoustic bat data vetting skills on the SonoBat platform. We will focus on methods to differentiate call and sequence characteristics that support confident species identification, and those that indicate when not to assign a species identification. The format consists of lectures and hands-on data workshopping. Taught by Dr. Joe Szewczak.

Lecture topics include: recognizing species-discriminating characteristics, identifying situations that lead to ambiguity, interpreting vital behavioral clues from sequences, reviewing special features such as social vocalizations, and implementing techniques for intelligent processing of large data sets.

Participants will train these skills by “data jamming” on both their own and shared data.  

Audience: We gear this workshop toward the professional wildlife biologist with bat acoustic analysis experience (or those having taken a previous TWS or other bat acoustic workshop).

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