Mohave Ground Squirrel Workshop

Mohave Ground Squirrel Workshop

March 7-9, Ridgecrest, CA

Photo by Barbara Leitner

Description: This workshop is designed to cover the natural history, regulation, and survey techniques of the Mohave ground squirrel (MGS), a California state threatened species endemic to the Mojave desert. One day of lecture will take place virtually, followed by four hours in the field learning techniques for capture, identification, and processing of desert squirrels. If we’re lucky, we will capture at least one Mohave ground squirrel. Participants will select one of four field sessions during registration.

What to Expect: Participants will acquire an introduction to the techniques and other knowledge required for biologists authorized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife  (CDFW) to work with the Mohave ground squirrel. Successful completion of the workshop will be a useful start in building the qualifications needed to obtain a CESA Memorandum of Understanding to capture and handle the species, or to be designated as a qualified biologist for MGS in an Incidental Take Permit. However, much more experience than can be provided by the workshop is  needed before CDFW would provide authorization to work independently with the species.

Instructors: Kathy Simon (lead), Dr. Phil Leitner, Dr. Scott Osborn, and the Mohave Ground Squirrel Technical Working Group

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